Training Directors

Randell Siow

Managing Director / Lead Trainer

  • Founder & Lead Trainer of eXiLe Training Solutions
  • Experienced in designing and executing customised training programs for resiliency and personal empowerment using martial arts for schools and
    corporate groups.
  • Provided program design, training consultancy and competency assessment for self-defence / patrol safety skills for government agencies/statutory boards.
  • Nationally Accredited Coach/Trainer for Martial Arts (15+ years)
    (NROC/NCAP certified)

Ravi Sahi

Training Director
Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM)

  • More than 20 years corporate trainer specialising in business development and management consulting as well as running the solutions arm of the world’s largest Project Management training company.
  • As Lead Consultant for Risk Assessment and Mitigation, is known for achieving results via strategy-based transformation i.e identifying threats vectors and designing outcomes for project-based execution.
  • Trainer and Content Developer for Organizational Leadership Competency Models.
  • Trainer for Situational Awareness and Crisis Preparedness programs

Training Consultants

Craig Colean

Specialist Trainer: Security, Intelligence/Counter-intelligence

  • 30-year combat veteran and highly decorated former US Special Forces Commander (Counter-Intelligence).
  • Involved in strategic and tactical operations that have saved lives of fellow servicemen and civilians.
  • Security Consultant on National/Communal Safety policies, strategies and implementation plans.
  • Specialist Consultant and Trainer for government and commercial organisations in Asia and the Middle East.

U-waye Chong

Specialist Trainer: Personal Combatives and Military CQC Trainer

  • Training Director of PTK-SMF Asia, a professional training organization for combative & specialized professional programs.
  • Over 10 years of Martial Arts teaching and coaching experience in South-east Asia and the United States.
  • Academically trained in Exercise Science, Personal Training, & Nutrition.
  • Experienced in conducting Personal Protection & Safety Awareness training for corporate & civilian groups.
  • Certified Military Close-Quarters Combat Trainer.
  • Certified Integrated Concealed-Carry Weapons Trainer.

James Tan

Specialist Trainer: Crisis Response and Disaster Recovery

  • Over 20 years of service as an Officer with the Singapore Armed Forces.
    Involved in the training of military and civilians on personal/communal security in Afghanistan.
  • Lead Trainer in Crisis Response and Disaster Recovery for humanitarian aid operations in Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Nepal.
  • Specialist Consultant and Trainer in developing social-emotional skills for effective situational analysis and decision making under stress i.e. during volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and hostile environments.
  • Specialist Consultant and Trainer to Ministry of Education, Singapore.